With nearly 300 modern construction cranes, we are one of the market leaders in the industry and have been producing our own CT-KRAN brand since 2017.
NWZ Göppingen described us thusly in the summer of 2017:
“From Salach via Dubai to Göppingen, it is possible to describe the history of the company founded in 1996 by Tanja and Franz Frey in terms of geography. With eight employees initially, it started out as services in the assembly of construction cranes, with which the couple laid the foundation for the success story of the company. The business segment was quickly expanded to include crane rental and recycling, and more and more construction companies became aware of the Swabian experts. Dubai, Oman, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal are just a few of the countries where the company was or is active. In 2009, a subsidiary was established in the Czech Republic. In 2015, the company moved to Göppingen.
Stauferpark is a stroke of luck, as it offers enough space for almost 300 construction cranes, which the company now calls its own and has thus grown into one of the big names in the industry. As a supplier of special solutions, it was ultimately a logical step to usher in the next stage in the company’s history with the in-house production of cranes. In a few weeks, the time has come: the first CT-Kran will be delivered. The sky is the limit!”